MSK pain and COVID-19

Inspired by César and his prolific output of papers.[1–7] Photo Tim De Pauw on Unsplash. This is intended to represent fatigue, the most common of the post-COVID symptoms. MSK – musculoskeletalCOVID – all contemporary readers are aware of what this is, but if you have found this page from somewhere in the distant future, it … Continue reading MSK pain and COVID-19

Guidelines for acupuncture RCTs

Inspired by He et al 2022 and Gang et al 2022.[1,2] Photo Kerry Hu on Unsplash. A panda in Chengdu. RCTs – randomised controlled trialsSR – systematic reviewCAM – complementary and alternative medicineCAIM – complementary alternative and integrative medicineLBP – low back painkey to acronyms I rarely refer to protocols on this blog. One exception … Continue reading Guidelines for acupuncture RCTs

EA for surgical ToP

Inspired by Ng et al 2021.[1] Photo by Andy Wang on Unsplash. EA – electroacupunctureToP – termination of pregnancyIVF – invitro fertilisationRCT – randomised controlled trialSE – suction evacuationIM – intramuscularAA – auricular acupuncturekey to acronyms This paper was published online in Acupuncture in Medicine last month and comes from a well-known research group led … Continue reading EA for surgical ToP

MPS in patients with CA 2022

Inspired by Hasuo et al 2021a&b and Ishiki et al 2021.[1–3] Graphic by MC shows characteristic referred pain patterns from the most common trigger points in trapezius on the right and other possible sites of trapezius trigger points on the left. MPS – myofascial pain syndromeCA – cancer (in this case ‘incurable’ cancer) aka ‘the … Continue reading MPS in patients with CA 2022

Adjuvant acupuncture in cancer treatment 2021

Inspired by Ke et al 2021 and Shih et al.[1,2] Looking into the destruction chamber of a proteasome. Image by Thomas Splettstoesser (, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons. EA – electroacupunctureMM – multiple myelomaLC-MS – liquid chromatography mass spectrometryUHPLC-MS – ultra high performance LC-MSMA – manual acupunctureSR – systematic reviewkey to acronyms For the … Continue reading Adjuvant acupuncture in cancer treatment 2021

EA vs metformin for IR in PCOS 2021

Inspired by Wen et al 2021.[1] Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash. The admittedly tenuous link to this week's blog is of course FINS, which feature in both. EA – electroacupunctureMA – manual acupunctureIR – insulin resistancePCOS – polycystic ovary syndromeRCT – randomised controlled trialBMI – body mass indexHOMA-IR – homeostatic model assessment of … Continue reading EA vs metformin for IR in PCOS 2021

PID regression 2021

Inspired by Hu et al 2021.[1] Photo by Neonbrand on Unsplash. PID – prolapsed intervertebral discIMHO – in my humble opinionMRI – magnetic resonance imagingkey to acronyms Over the years I have seen many patients with back pain, including those with the source of pain in the back that presents as pain somewhere in the … Continue reading PID regression 2021

Acupuncture for ARC 2021

Inspired by Zhang et al 2021.[1] Photo by Anton Nikolov on Unsplash. ARC – acute renal colicIF – impact factorMA – manual acupunctureIM – intramuscular (injection – a route for administering drugs)IV – intravenous (ditto)NSAID – non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugCOX – cyclooxygenaseSEs – side effectsVAS – visual analogue scale (score)key to acronyms This is a small … Continue reading Acupuncture for ARC 2021

Acupuncture for TD

Acupuncture for tic disorders in children 2021 Inspired by You et al 2021.[1] Photo by Freeman Zhou on Unsplash. TD – tic disordersYGTSS – Yale Global Tic Severity ScaleTSS – total tic score (of the YGTSS)GSS – global severity score (of the YGTSS)ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorderOCD – obsessive compulsive disorderkey to acronyms This … Continue reading Acupuncture for TD