Acupuncture for stroke 2022

Inspired by Li et al 2022.[1] Guangzhou skyline – photo by Junbin Chen on Unsplash. EA – electroacupunctureMA – manual acupunctureTENS – transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulationCT – computed tomographyMRI – magnetic resonance imagingNIHSS – Nation Institutes of Health Stroke ScaleBI – Barthel IndexMAS – Modified Ashworth ScaleADL – activities of daily livingkey to acronyms This 3-armed trial from … Continue reading Acupuncture for stroke 2022

Guidelines for acupuncture RCTs

Inspired by He et al 2022 and Gang et al 2022.[1,2] Photo Kerry Hu on Unsplash. A panda in Chengdu. RCTs – randomised controlled trialsSR – systematic reviewCAM – complementary and alternative medicineCAIM – complementary alternative and integrative medicineLBP – low back painkey to acronyms I rarely refer to protocols on this blog. One exception … Continue reading Guidelines for acupuncture RCTs

Median nerves and arteries

Stimulated by Liu et al 2020,[1] and Li et al 2021.[2] Figure 1 from Liu et al 2020.[1]A – superficial brachial arteryB – median nerve EBM – evidence based medicineMR angiography – magnetic resonance angiographyPMA – persistent median arterykey to acronyms These are a couple of recent papers, a case report and a letter with … Continue reading Median nerves and arteries

Co-occurrence of pain syndromes

Stimulated by Affaitati et al 2019.[1] Photo by Aiony Haust on Unsplash. This paper popped up on a very recent search, but not because it mentions acupuncture, in fact it doesn’t. I also search every day for the latest research in myofascial pain. I had a look at this one because of the last author … Continue reading Co-occurrence of pain syndromes

The problem with sham

Inspired by an invitation to present on the topic to politicians in Madrid who apparently want to stop the practice of acupuncture by doctors in Spain - 18 January 2019. I have been lecturing on the scientific perspectives of acupuncture around the globe for over two decades. I have numerous PowerPoint slides to call upon, … Continue reading The problem with sham

e-19th century

Papers from the early 19th century Inspired by Cloquet, Sarlandière, Pelletan, Carraro, and Pouillet, on Acupuncture. Edinburgh Med Surg J 1827;27:190–200. On the 25th October 2018 three rather unusual papers appeared on my PubMed search.[1–3] They were remarkable because they were nearly two centuries late! So I guess there is an ongoing process of digitising … Continue reading e-19th century