Breast pain and MPS

Stimulated by Mandiroğlu et al 2021.[1] Diagram of referred pain patterns from myofascial trigger points by MC. MPS – myofascial pain syndromePM&R – physical medicine and rehabilitationSF–MPQ – Short Form McGill Pain QuestionnaireFiRST – Fibromyalgia Rapid Screening Toolkey to acronyms Referred pain from muscle has been an interest of mine since my earliest days in … Continue reading Breast pain and MPS

Piriformis revisited

In regret triggered by the title of Probst et al 2019.[1] This diagram illustrates the anatomical location of piriformis relative to the pelvis, and the characteristic pain referral patterns that form part of the myofascial syndrome. The blue dots on the leg represent tingling that might occur if there is nerve entrapment in piriformis syndrome. … Continue reading Piriformis revisited

20000 needles…

Inspired by Ronel et al Mil Med 2018.[1] My first blog of 2019 and I have been struggling to find inspiration. That is what comes from setting yourself an arbitrary target rather than just waiting for something divine. The former is driven by the modern requirements of a social media presence, and the latter is … Continue reading 20000 needles…

The one-needle wonder

A clinical vignette by Jens Foell (JF), edited by Mike Cummings (MC) Dr Jens Foell Bian Que is a prominent figure in the history of medicine. Allegedly he possessed x ray eyes and amazing healing properties. Legend says that he could cure people with one needle (eg getting an unconscious person back into action by needling Baihui - GV20). Performing … Continue reading The one-needle wonder

Precision needling in myofascial pain

This blog was first published on 9th February 2017 on Inspired by Wang et al Acupunct Med 2017 [1] Image taken from Cummings M Acupunct Med 2009 [2] I got interested in swapping my hypodermic needles for filiform ones some 25 years ago, and was encouraged by my early success treating myofascial pain in a … Continue reading Precision needling in myofascial pain