Aromatase inhibitors, joint pain and acupuncture 2022

Inspired by Hershman et al JAMA Network Open 2022.[1] AI – aromatase inhibitorBPI – brief pain inventoryBPI-WP – brief pain inventory worst pain key to acronyms When this paper popped up on my searches, I was surprised to find that I had not written about AI-related joint pain since the JAMA paper by the same … Continue reading Aromatase inhibitors, joint pain and acupuncture 2022

EA for CIPN 2022

Inspired by Chan et al 2022.[1] Photo by How-Soon Ngu on Unsplash. EA – electroacupunctureMA – manual acupunctureCIPN – chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathyAiM – Acupuncture in MedicineFACT/GOG-Ntx – Functional Assessment of Chronic illness Therapy (Gynecologic Oncology Group) Neurotoxicity subscaleMSKCC – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center key to acronyms This week we stay on the topic of … Continue reading EA for CIPN 2022

EA for ERAS 2022

Inspired by Wang et al 2022.[1] EA protocol used in Wang et al 2022 (left), and what I would do in the same circumstances (right). EA – electroacupunctureERAS – enhanced recovery after surgeryPOI – postoperative ileusMA – manual acupunctureTEAS – transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation (a form of TENS)TTNS – transcutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (a form … Continue reading EA for ERAS 2022

PRP vs steroid in frozen shoulder

Inspired by Gupta et al 2022.[1] Anatomical diagram of the shoulder – anterior aspect (modified from Angelito7: Shoulder anatomy, front view) PRP – platelet rich plasmaRCT – randomised controlled (or comparative) trialRoM – range of movementSPADI – shoulder pain and disability indexMUA – manipulation under anaestheticLOA – lysis of adhesionsBMI – body mass index key … Continue reading PRP vs steroid in frozen shoulder

Hot flushes and FABP2

Inspired by Chen et al 2022.[1] Figure 1 from reference 2. FABP2 – fatty acid binding protein 2FSH – follicle stimulating hormonehs-CRP – high sensitivity C-reactive proteinTNF-α – tumour necrosis factor alphaIP10 – interferon-inducible protein 10MCP-1 – monocyte chemoattractant protein 1 key to acronyms This week I am highlighting a paper that came up on … Continue reading Hot flushes and FABP2

Acupuncture and DTI 2022

Inspired by Kim et al and Zhai et al 2022.[1,2] DTI – diffusion tensor imagingMRI – magnetic resonance imagingFA – fractional anisotropyEA – electroacupunctureTCSS – Toronto clinical scoring system key to acronyms I am sitting on a hotel room balcony in Bologna following an international medical acupuncture conference and contemplating the subject for this week’s … Continue reading Acupuncture and DTI 2022

Idiopathic facial palsy 2022

Inspired by Yang et al and Shi et al 2022.[1,2] Scottish neurophysiologist Sir Charles Bell was the first author to describe the anatomical basis for facial paralysis, and has since served as the eponym for Bell's palsy. Bell’s palsy – idiopathic facial palsyMA – manual acupunctureEA – electroacupunctureH-B – House–Brachmann (a grading system for facial … Continue reading Idiopathic facial palsy 2022

Muscle vs fascia in LBP

Inspired by Cozacov et al 2022 and others.[1–3] Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on LBP – low back painQL – quadratus lumborumHC – healthy controlUS – ultrasoundNRS – numerical rating scaleLTR – local twitch responseFM – fibromyalgiaOA – osteoarthritisDOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness key to acronyms This is a small but interesting … Continue reading Muscle vs fascia in LBP

IM for pain in oncology 2022

Inspired by Mao et al 2022.[1] Photo by Yan Krukov on IM – integrative medicineSIO – Society for Integrative OncologyASCO – American Society of Clinical OncologyMSKCC – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterAI – aromatase inhibitor (eg letrozole – used to suppress endogenous oestrogen production in women with oestrogen sensitive cancers)CIPN – chemotherapy induced peripheral … Continue reading IM for pain in oncology 2022

Acupuncture for MRM 2022

Inspired by Liu et al 2022.[1] Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash. MRM – menstrual-related migraineMA – manual acupunctureRCT – randomised controlled trialRR50 – responder rate (% of patients with a reduction in headache days of 50% or more)AP – acupuncture point key to acronyms I almost skipped past this paper when it showed up … Continue reading Acupuncture for MRM 2022