Acupuncture for stroke 2022

Inspired by Li et al 2022.[1] Guangzhou skyline – photo by Junbin Chen on Unsplash. EA – electroacupunctureMA – manual acupunctureTENS – transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulationCT – computed tomographyMRI – magnetic resonance imagingNIHSS – Nation Institutes of Health Stroke ScaleBI – Barthel IndexMAS – Modified Ashworth ScaleADL – activities of daily livingkey to acronyms This 3-armed trial from … Continue reading Acupuncture for stroke 2022

Evidence mapping 2022

Inspired by number 8 in the BMJ acupuncture research series.[1–8] SR – systematic reviewICU – intensive care unitRCT – randomised controlled trialGRADE – Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation (a method of grading the quality or ‘certainty’ and strength or ‘effect size’ of evidence inhealthcare)MSK – musculoskeletalES – effect sizeSMD – standardised mean differenceTMJD … Continue reading Evidence mapping 2022

Acupuncture for PSA

Inspired by Li et al 2022.[1] Figure 2 from Lu et al BMJ 2022.[2]Cumulative meta-analysis of the use of acupuncture compared with language rehabilitation for functional communication in patients with post-stroke aphasia. Note that the values of each row are pooled estimates of all the previous trials plus the named trial of that row. PSA … Continue reading Acupuncture for PSA

Survival analysis in stroke

Stimulated by Sangtin et al 2020.[1] Photo by Robin Noguier on Unsplash. This image popped up when I put ‘survival’ and ‘Thailand’ in the search box on Unsplash. This paper was published online in our very own Acupuncture in Medicine just the other day. I was drawn in by the term survival analysis, which has never appeared before … Continue reading Survival analysis in stroke