Kidney laceration after acupuncture 2023

Stimulated by Cheng et al 2023.[1] Figure 1 from Cheng et al 2023.[1] ES – erector spinae key to acronym The risk of needling the kidney must have come up on every acupuncture course I have ever taught over the last 27 years. My comment is usually that acupuncture needles are unlikely to do much … Continue reading Kidney laceration after acupuncture 2023

Fat embolism after acupuncture

Stimulated by Xu et al 2023.[1] Lung tissue stained for fat with Sudan III demonstrating severe pulmonary fat embolism.[1] SvN – silver needleSSN – stainless steel needleLBP – low back painPID – prolapsed intervertebral discFFA – free fatty acidCRP – C-reactive protein key to acronyms This paper popped up on PubMed last night, whilst I … Continue reading Fat embolism after acupuncture

AEs in Korea and Japan 2022

Inspired by a few rare case reports and a prospective survey.[1–4] Figure 6 from Abe et al (2022) illustrating the trajectory of the lost 40mm needle shaft.[4] AEs – adverse eventsWMA – Western medical acupunctureVP shunt – ventriculoperitoneal shunt (tube connecting one cerebral ventricle to the peritoneal cavity)CSF – cerebrospinal fluidVVAVF – vertebra-vertebral arteriovenous fistulaMRA … Continue reading AEs in Korea and Japan 2022

Sham acupuncture in chronic pain

Inspired by Zhou et al 2022.[1] Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash. MA – meta-analysisNMA – network meta-analysisIPDM – individual patient data meta-analysisRA – real acupunctureSA – sham acupunctureNPSA – non-penetrative SAPSA – penetrative SANA – no acupunctureRCT – randomised controlled trialHRQoL – health-related quality of lifeANCOVA – analysis of covarianceES – effect sizeEA – … Continue reading Sham acupuncture in chronic pain

Hearts lungs and eyes 2022

Inspired by four recent adverse event reports related to needling.[1–4] Photo by Cameron Venti on Unsplash. PMCT – post-mortem computed tomographyED – emergency departmentCT – computed tomographyCXR – chest x rayDSA – digital subtraction angiographyTAE – transcatheter arterial embolizationAEs – adverse eventsDED – dry eye diseasekey to acronyms This week I have a series of recent adverse events … Continue reading Hearts lungs and eyes 2022

Burkholderia pseudomallei

Inspired by Xiao et al 2022.[1] Cerevisae, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.  DM – diabetes mellitusT6SS – type VI secretion systemT3SS – type III secretion systemCT – computed tomographyTB – tuberculosisMRI – magnetic resonance imagingIV – intravenouskey to acronyms Also known as Pseudomonas pseudomallei, sure enough this Gram-negative, bipolar, aerobic, motile, rod bacterium appears … Continue reading Burkholderia pseudomallei

MSK pain and COVID-19

Inspired by César and his prolific output of papers.[1–7] Photo Tim De Pauw on Unsplash. This is intended to represent fatigue, the most common of the post-COVID symptoms. MSK – musculoskeletalCOVID – all contemporary readers are aware of what this is, but if you have found this page from somewhere in the distant future, it … Continue reading MSK pain and COVID-19

QoL in gastric cancer patients 2021

Inspired by Zhu et al 2021.[1] Photo by Anna Tarazevich on QoL – quality of lifeHRQoL – health related quality of lifeEA – electroacupunctureMA – manual acupunctureAEs – adverse eventsITT – intention to treat (analysis)PP – per protocol (analysis)key to acronyms This is a relatively small (n=66) pilot study with 3 parallel arms. It … Continue reading QoL in gastric cancer patients 2021

Needle retrieval 2021

Inspired by Ikoma et al 2021.[1] Photo by SUNBEAM PHOTOGRAPHY on Unsplash. I have mentioned embedded needle fragments and the surgical retrieval of such fragments several times previously on this blog. But this is the first account of successful image-guided percutaneous retrieval of needle fragments using myocardial biopsy forceps. myocardial biopsy forceps The report includes … Continue reading Needle retrieval 2021