IM for pain in oncology 2022

Inspired by Mao et al 2022.[1] Photo by Yan Krukov on IM – integrative medicineSIO – Society for Integrative OncologyASCO – American Society of Clinical OncologyMSKCC – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterAI – aromatase inhibitor (eg letrozole – used to suppress endogenous oestrogen production in women with oestrogen sensitive cancers)CIPN – chemotherapy induced peripheral … Continue reading IM for pain in oncology 2022

Acupuncture for MRM 2022

Inspired by Liu et al 2022.[1] Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash. MRM – menstrual-related migraineMA – manual acupunctureRCT – randomised controlled trialRR50 – responder rate (% of patients with a reduction in headache days of 50% or more)AP – acupuncture point key to acronyms I almost skipped past this paper when it showed up … Continue reading Acupuncture for MRM 2022

Acupuncture and dementia risk in migraine

Inspired by Huang et al 2022.[1] Photo by Rad Cyrus on Unsplash. NHIRD – National Health Insurance Research Database (Taiwan)HR – hazard ratioaHR – adjusted hazard ratioSR – systematic reviewNMA – network meta-analysisEA – electroacupunctureMA – manual acupuncture key to acronyms It has been a while since I have seen one of these huge retrospective … Continue reading Acupuncture and dementia risk in migraine

The FAMOUS study 2022

Inspired by Gang et al 2022.[1] SMD – standardised mean difference (effect size)MA – manual acupunctureEA – electroacupunctureTENS – transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulationTEAS – TENS over acupuncture points key to acronyms This is the ninth of the BMJ Series of papers titled Acupuncture: How to improve the evidence base. It comes with the less than … Continue reading The FAMOUS study 2022

Sham acupuncture in chronic pain

Inspired by Zhou et al 2022.[1] Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash. MA – meta-analysisNMA – network meta-analysisIPDM – individual patient data meta-analysisRA – real acupunctureSA – sham acupunctureNPSA – non-penetrative SAPSA – penetrative SANA – no acupunctureRCT – randomised controlled trialHRQoL – health-related quality of lifeANCOVA – analysis of covarianceES – effect sizeEA – … Continue reading Sham acupuncture in chronic pain

Chronic primary MSK pain 2022

Inspired by a perspective and commentaries in Pain Reports.[1–3] Photo by Mateo Krössler on Unsplash. View of Heidelberg... MSK – musculoskeletalMPS – myofascial pain syndromeWA – Western Australia key to acronyms A couple of these papers popped up on my searches on Friday 19th August, and since transport disruption had led to a cancelled clinic, … Continue reading Chronic primary MSK pain 2022

Acupuncture for ARC 2022

Inspired by Tu et al 2022.[1] Photo by Anton Nikolov on Unsplash. ARC – acute renal colicBUCM – Beijing University of Chinese MedicineIF – impact factorMA – manual acupunctureIM – intramuscular (injection – a route for administering drugs)NSAID – non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugaka – also known asde qi – typical needling sensation perceived by the patient … Continue reading Acupuncture for ARC 2022

Acupuncture for CIPN 2022

Inspired by Friedemann et al 2022.[1] CIPN – chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathyNCS – nerve conduction studiesMA – manual acupunctureEA – electroacupunctureSNAP – sensory nerve action potentialSNCV – sensory nerve conduction velocityPROMs – patient reported outcome measuresMYMOP2 – measure yourself medical outcome profile 2 key to acronyms I think I heard one of the authors of this … Continue reading Acupuncture for CIPN 2022

Hearts lungs and eyes 2022

Inspired by four recent adverse event reports related to needling.[1–4] Photo by Cameron Venti on Unsplash. PMCT – post-mortem computed tomographyED – emergency departmentCT – computed tomographyCXR – chest x rayDSA – digital subtraction angiographyTAE – transcatheter arterial embolizationAEs – adverse eventsDED – dry eye diseasekey to acronyms This week I have a series of recent adverse events … Continue reading Hearts lungs and eyes 2022

Acupuncture for stroke 2022

Inspired by Li et al 2022.[1] Guangzhou skyline – photo by Junbin Chen on Unsplash. EA – electroacupunctureMA – manual acupunctureTENS – transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulationCT – computed tomographyMRI – magnetic resonance imagingNIHSS – Nation Institutes of Health Stroke ScaleBI – Barthel IndexMAS – Modified Ashworth ScaleADL – activities of daily livingkey to acronyms This 3-armed trial from … Continue reading Acupuncture for stroke 2022